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Fighting all types of excessive highware glare.

DADRL in the UK
Our sister organization in the UK trying to stop the plague of DRLs across the pond.

DADRL in Poland
Our friends in Poland have joined the fight against DRLs.

Headlight Reform
Combatting DRLs and overly bright HIDs.

National Motorists Association
If you're a concerned motorist, check them out!
NMA's DRL page
NMA's open letter opposing DRLs

Edmund's take on DRLs
They weren't impressed.

A conservative estimate of fuel costs for DRLs from HowStuffWorks.
Still think DRLs cost nothing to operate? Read their analysis (which is based on the assumption of a 30mpg average fuel efficiency; thus our conservative label on their estimate).

A former pro-DRL person's analysis of the current DRL situation.

The US National Highway Traffic "Safety" Administration (NHTSA)
No comment ;)


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