About the Association

We are a grass roots Internet organization. We have no central location and we have members from across the world. There are no membership dues. The mission of the organization is to end hardwired daytime running lights and to encourage the responsible use of vehicle lighting. Additionally, we want the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to inform motorists that the daytime use of headlamps is not beneficial to overall safety and that such practices be discouraged. The scope of our organization originally to combat the proliferation of DRLs in the United States. Recently, however, our efforts have broadened to Europe, Japan, and Australia.

While we would welcome a reduction in the DRL intensity from the current 7000 candela down to a less glaring 800 candela (measured at 14V) at any point in the lamp's beam pattern as a responsible step for NHTSA in eliminating annoying glare, we would continue our mission to end hardwired DRLs and oppose any efforts to mandate the devices until such time as they are proved to be of a safety benefit as demonstrated by competent studies.

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