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DADRL in the UK
Our sister organization in the UK trying to stop the plague of DRLs across the pond.

DADRL in Bulgaria
Yet another site in Europe turning up the heat against DRLs.

DADRL in Lithuania!

DADRL in Poland
Our friends in Poland have joined the fight against DRLs.

A Mailing List on

Headlight Reform
Combatting DRLs and overly bright HIDs.

National Motorists Association
If you're a concerned motorist, check them out!

Headlights Are Too Bright. A page with some very good points against DRLs and HID headlamps.

Edmund's take on DRLs
They weren't impressed.

A former pro-DRL person's analysis of the current DRL situation.

National Highway Traffic "Safety" Administration (NHTSA)
No comment ;)

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